My Blogging Schedule

Over the last few months i have got back into blogging and really buckled down with my schedule. One thing i hate is when it starts to feel like a chore. After my operation it took me a while to get back into blogging and now im finally feeling really positive about my blog. I thought i would share my normal weekly blogging routine/schedule. 


I have recently changed when i post and what days. I will now be posting four posts a week. I post Monday at 2pm, Wednesday at 8am and 2pm and Friday at 2pm. I have decided to post twice on a Wednesday instead of posting on a Sunday. Everyone has times they like to post, i have tried different times of the day but the afternoon works best for me. In terms of actually writing up posts i used to do them on the day they would go up, i only do this because i have time to. As many of you know i have been on long term sick from an operation. It has only been the past two weeks i have been writing posts and scheduling them usually a week in advance. 

I have a Blogging Journal which has so much useful info for us bloggers and lots of space to write down ideas and keep up to date. I recently reviewed The Blogger Journal, if you missed it click here. Usually on a Sunday afternoon i will take five minutes to tick off posts i have done and write down any new ideas. 


I always take my blog photos in bulk. It just makes life that little bit easier. Especially if i have issues with a post it means i have a backup if needed. I upload them onto my laptop and then i will delete the ones i don’t want. I will then edit them, all i do is brighten them. Personally i don’t think you should need to do anymore than that as its creating an image that isn’t yours. 
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Scheduling tweets is a life saver! Even though i hate doing it, i just get so bored of scheduling them but it needs to be done. I usually sit on a Sunday afternoon and schedule around 3 days worth of tweets then half way during the week i will schedule some for the end of the week. When i schedule tweets i usually include that days posts, a couple from the archive and then a couple for my Bloglovin. I find there are that many people of twitter that the feed moves quick. I will also include the odd tweet with my Instagram and Pinterest links. I always use TweetDeck to schedule my tweets as there is no limit on how many tweets you can schedule.

Instagram, Pinterest & Other Social Media

I post twice a day on Instagram, usually one picture relating to my latest blogpost then some random ones. I have recently changed my photos on my blog to create more of a theme. I also pin every post of mine on my Pinterest boards. I haven’t quite yet figured out how to use Pinterest to its full potential for my blog. I do have a Facebook page for my blog which i haven’t posted on in a while but im going back to post each post on there as and when i post. 

Psst.. See my full review with lots of pictures of The Blogger Journal i recently got, click here to read the post 🙂

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