KIKO Infinity Eyeshadow’s Review & Swatches

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KIKO Milano is a brand i adore. There are only currently 10 stores across the UK including…

 3 in London

1 in Guildford

1 in Leeds

1 in Reading

1 in Cambridge

1 in Oxford

1 in Nottingham

1 in Brighton.

I think there may also be one in Manchester. If i visit family in Reading i am able to pop to the store there otherwise i have to order online. I recently placed an order for these gorgeous Infinity Eye shadow’s. These were and still are on sale for £2.80 each instead of £5.90. I ended up choosing 9 shades and i have to say i am very impressed. I did also want to order something to put them in but on the KIKO Website they only had cases for 1 or 24. I ended up ordering a small Z Palette thinking the eyeshadows would be smaller than they are. The Small Z Palette can fit in 4 of these shadows as shown above. Each shadow is approximately just bigger than a 2p coin. 

The first 4 shades i picked to go together were 238 Mat Light Taupe, 239 Mat Gray Taupe, 248 Starry Jacaranda and 252 Mat Wisteria. These shades create the perfect look and look gorgeous in my Small Z Palette. 252 is such a gorgeous blue/purple shade which looks stunning when applied.

Next i picked up 3 light/neutral shades for base colours and blending. I picked 202 Pearly Light Gold, 203 Beige Satin and 222 Mat Rose Petal. 202 has a slight shimmer and looks gorgeous all across the lid. 222 and 202 are both mat shades which i use as base colours.

Lastly i picked 226 Mat Coral Rose which is a very light red pinkish shade which i love using in my crease and smoke it out. Lastly i chose 210 Satin Brick which has is near enough a mat shade which i use on the outer corners when creating a smokey eye. 

All of these shades are stunning and i cannot wait to start creating looks with them. The shadows have a creamy powder texture which blends like a dream. I will be creating some looks soon and will post them on my blog.

Have you tried any products from KIKO Milano?



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