Morning Skincare Routine | EmmysBeautyCave

For someone who never really used to bother with a skincare routine I definitely do take it alot more serious now. I used to think skincare was overrated and baby wipes were my friend but as I have gotten older I realised just how important having the right skincare routine is. Over the past year I have been trying alot of products to find the best ones for my skin. Knowing your skin type is the key, I have very oily skin but sometimes get small dry patches on my cheeks. My Morning Skincare and Evening Skincare Routines finally work for me and have improved my skin massively. I do use completely different products in the morning compared to the evening. 

First Step | Johnson’s Face Care Moisturising Wipes | £3.19 | Link

These baby wipes are AMAZING! When I wake up in the morning I like to use a baby wipe all over my face to get rid of any residue from products I applied the night before. These baby wipes are marked that they are for dry skin but I find they work really well on my skin too. These wipes are the most moisturising wipes I have ever used. You can literally feel the liquid in them and they moisturise your skin really well. Whether you have dry or oily skin you should try these!

Second Step | Temple Spa Way To Go Cleansing Gel Wash | £19.00 | Link

This is the first Gel Cleanser I have ever used and I have fallen in love. I apply one or two pumps onto my finger tips and gently massage into my skin. It feels so smooth and rubs in nicely. As soon as I apply this onto my face it feels cool and refreshing and very lightweight. It cleans off any excess product whilst also cleaning my pores and targets all of my oily area’s. I do tend to apply this all over my face but spend more time massaging it into my oily area’s. Simply wash off with warm water. 

Third Step | La Roche-Posay Serozinc Spray | £8.50 | Link

This has only been in my skincare routine for a couple of month’s now but boy is it good! This is described as a toning mist which targets blemished prone oily skin. After I have washed and dried my face I spray this in a T shape over my T Zone where I am most oily. It is such a refreshing mist but dries extremely quickly. It contains Water, Zinc Sulphate and astringent sodium chloride which help treat blemishes and mattify the skin. The description says to use this as a toner between washing and moisturising or as a spray throughout the day. I find this is too wet to use a spray on top of makeup but works amazingly well as a toner. 

Fourth Step | Vichy Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Hydration Power Serum | £22.20 | Link

Now where do I start with this Serum, it is literally one of my holy grail products. I tend to use this alot more when I have the dry patches on my cheeks as it instantly gets rid of them which is insane. I apply one pump of this all over my face and immediately feel it hydrate my skin. When you use alot of mattifying products you need to add some hydration back into your skin and this serum does just that. It doesn’t make me oily but it has improved my skin massively. 

Fifth Step | La Roche-Posay Effaclar Mat Moisturiser | £14.50 | Link

This has quickly become my favourite moisturiser. I love how when I apply this onto my skin it feels extremely cool and refreshing and wakes me up. It sinks into the skin quickly and dries very well. Since using this I have noticed my skin to become less oily so it is definitely worth the price tag. It also creates a lovely base for makeup.

Sixth and Last Step | Freedom Pro Studio Priming Water | £6.00 | Link

Priming Water is something I have avoided for the longest time as I always thought they would make my skin extra oily. I came across this Freedom one a few month’s ago and the reviews were amazing saying how it is even better than the Smashbox one. Because I have oily skin I apply this after my moisturiser, I spray it all over my face and let it dry then I apply my normal primer. I find spraying this first hydrates my skin before adding all of my matte makeup products and matte primer. I have also noticed this helps my makeup apply better and last longer. 

There you have it my go to morning skincare routine. One tip I will advise is stick to a product for around a month then use another and keep switching between the two. This way your skin won’t get too used to a product and stop working. 

My Evening Skincare Routine will be up next week and includes completely different products and I have also included my favourite pamper evening face masks.