EmmysBeautyCave is run solely by myself and no one else. All opinions are my own. Any products or items mentioned on my blog have all been purchased by myself unless the post is marked with an (*) and has a small disclaimer at the bottom of the post. Any PR Items sent for review are all my own opinions whether they are positive or negative. 

I will only agree to post something on my blog if it is something my readers are interested in and it is something that relates to my blogs style and theme. 

All content is my own! I do not publish content created by others.

I also do not accept guest posts on my blog.


I am happy to receive PR related emails or general enquiry emails but there are some emails I will not respond to which include:

Guest Posts

SEO or Blog Design Advertisements

My Blog Schedule

Posts: I post on Monday, Wednesday and Friday all at 3pm UK Time. I occasionally post on a Sunday depending on the demand of posts needed. 

Instagram: I post twice a day on Instagram, once in the morning and once in the evening. 

Twitter: Blog Tweets are scheduled five to six times a day. 

PR/Brand Collaborations

PR Samples: All PR samples or PR related blog posts are all marked with a (*). I do also include a small disclaimer at the end of each post advising my readers the post contains PR samples and that all opinions are my own. 

Sponsored Posts: Contact me for costs and my Media Kit via email at 

PR/Brand Testing Timescales

Beauty: 3-4 weeks once received. Once a sample is received I will email to advise when the post will go live. Please be aware I do have a blog schedule and do receive PR samples on a regular basis. 

I do not review sample sachets or tester sizes due to photography/image as it is not appealing to my readers.

Skincare: 4-6 weeks is the minimum. My skin can react differently after using a product for only two weeks so I like to ensure I have tested products out fully to ensure my readers get a honest and full review. 

If you are a brand or PR Company and require my Blogs Media Kit for blog stats and further information regarding collaborations please email me and ask for a copy. 

Services I Offer 

Reviews | I will review one or numerous products if they are relevant to my blog. I will confirm a date for the post to go live and include one or more images depending on the product in question. If the product does not work for me I will email you to confirm if you would still like the post to go live. 

Sponsored Content | I am happy to feature sponsored content if it is relevant to my blog. I do charge a fee to feature sponsored content on my blog. Please contact me by email to get a copy of my Media Kit with full prices. 

Ads on Social Media | I am happy to put an ad on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest. Please email me for a copy of my Media Kit which includes prices.

Advertise Your Business | You can advertise your business or product in the sidebar of my blog. Please email me for a copy of my Media Kit with fees. 

Blog Header Designs | I am now offering blog header designs which feature pre-made headers and custom designs. Prices vary depending on the design you request. Please see my Blog Header Services Page for more information and examples of headers I have made. 



If you require any information or would like to see a copy of my Blogs Media Kit please email me on the contact email below. 

Any queries please contact me at