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A budget friendly brand that provides natural makeup products that are insane quality? Yes it actually exists! Benecos a new brand I have been introduced to and I have to say I am not disappointed. Personally I never really looked at products and thought are they natural or not. Honestly I always thought for some reason that natural ingredient products won’t be as good as what other products I buy. I don’t know why I thought this and boy was I wrong. 

I recently received this parcel on my doorstep and I wasn’t expecting it and at first I was confused as to who sent it. It is so nice to come home to a unexpected parcel especially makeup! All of the items looked very pretty and girly. I was eager to try them all out! Be warned you may fall in love with some of the swatches below!

Natural Fresh Bronzing Duo | £4.29 | Link

As im quite pale bronzers scare me. I use bronzer everyday mainly ones I know work well so when trying out a new bronzer I tend to get a little nervous. This duo is super pretty with 3/4 bronzer and a small section of a pretty blush. The bronzer shade is not orange at all.. Yasss praise Benecos! The bronzer is the perfect shade and blends beautifully. The blush is also a gorgeous shade, a lovely rose pink with a hint of shimmer. 

Natural Mono Eye Shadow | £2.59 | Link

Now I do have to be honest and say I can be a eye shadow snob. I do think higher end shadows are much better quality but these three beauties have really impressed me. I didn’t have to build the colours up in the swatches, this was one swipe! Forget Me Not is a lovely pale blue but it isn’t bright so most people could wear it. Apricot Glow is my favourite, im really loving peachy eye looks at the moment and this all over the lid is just gorgeous. Soft Vanilla I use as a base shade and it really helps to intensify other shadows. 

They are very buttery which suprised me with them being so cheap! 

First Love Lipstick | £3.99 | Link

I’ll allow you to stare at the swatch above for a moment… how stunning is this! Honestly this shade is the most beautiful lipstick shade EVER. When I swatched this I was amazed at the pigmentation. It is the most gorgeous pink shade I have ever seen. It is extremely buttery on the lips and long lasting. I have had this on pretty much everyday for the past few weeks! I will definitely be ordering some of the other shades.

Natural Glam Gloss | £3.79 | Link

Over the past six months I haven’t been wearing gloss as much as I used to. If I wear a gloss I tend to apply it on top of a lipstick. This gloss in the shade Natural Glam is lovely, it is subtle with a hint of shimmer. I have found this perfect on it’s own for those no makeup, makeup days or applied on top of a nude lipstick to really add an edge. 

Overall I can’t believe how wrong I was thinking this range wouldn’t be as good as high end products but the pigmentation and quality has shocked me. If I had to pick my favourites it would 100% be the Bronzing Duo, as I struggle so much to find shades that work and of course the lipstick shade First Love is my new love literally! Usually when I receive bundles like this there are products I love and hate so im really shocked to absolutely love everything in this range!

You can shop the full Benecos range and prices range upto £10.

*This post includes PR Samples, NOTE all views are my own and my honest opinion. If I don’t like a product or have any negative views I will put them on my blog.

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