Best moisturiser: how to choose which one for you? 

Best moisturiser: how to choose it and which one? 

Finding the best facial moisturiser may seem like an impossible task. Here is what happens typically: you feel lost in front of the enormous shelves of a supermarket or in front of a small showcase in perfumery or in front of a computer screen. Most often, you end up making the wrong choice for moisturiser. This is because you either get lured from the pack or the price, and usually, you buy without even looking at the ingredients.

In reality, choosing a moisturiser is not tricky. It’s sufficient to follow some basic rules. Continue the reading to find out and know which face creams we prefer, GlamourFlare.

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The 5 rules for choosing the best moisturiser

5) Beware of the perfume

The scent is one of the most essential allergens, so its concentration in the cream also determines its irritability. The secret is to look among the listed ingredients and see if there is an element called perfume or fragrance, more commonly. However, you should not be discouraged by the presence of perfume because even its concentration counts. In fact, a low concentration of perfume does not have the same adverse effects.

How do you find out the concentration of perfume? Just smell the fragrance of the cream to determine the amount of perfume. If the scent is delicate, probably the attention will be minimal.

4) Beware of parabens

Parabens have been used in the cosmetic industry since the mid-40s with bactericidal and fungicidal functions. They derive from para-hydroxybenzoic and can be chemical or vegetable. Their action is essential to prevent the formation of bacteria, fungi and other harmful substances. The problem is that hypotheses have been put forward to correlate between parabens and cancer, especially breast cancer. Other theories discuss the possibility of these parabens interfering in the hormonal system.

3) Pay attention to the main ingredients

Even reading the list of ingredients may seem like a long and complex task. A quick look at the main ingredients seems more achievable. In particular, all plant derivatives indicate an excellent cream and Vitamins C, B, E on a concentration of at least 1%.

Probably, suppose the product is excellent and consists of large quantities of natural ingredients and quality. In that case, you will see some words on the front of the package.

2) Pay attention to the price

Price is not always a good indicator of quality, so be careful! The most expensive moisturisers do not necessarily have an enhanced action. So it remains crucial to check the ingredients of the product. Sometimes even low-cost creams can be made with quality ingredients and processes.

1) Attention to your skin type

The last thing to analyse is not the cream itself but your skin. Yes, every type of skin has a more suitable face cream. For example, dry skin will require a moisturising cream, while fat ones will have a cream that is not greasy and highly purifying.

Now, know all the tricks to select the best facial cream that best suits your needs.

5 best facial moisturisers recommended by us!

1) Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Cream

aqua moisturiser one of the best moisturiser

This face cream is pure as its name recalls the water because it is created with 10 different marine plants. The composition is natural and super moisturising, particularly recommended for combination skin that needs adequate hydration.

2) Cosrx Hyaluronic Hydra Intensive Cream Face Cream

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Thanks to the presence of hyaluronic acid and Vitamin tree water, and many other natural ingredients, this cream can deeply hydrate. Moreover, the light and moisturising formulation does not clog the pores but leaves the skin like velvet. This face cream has no added fragrance, so it is particularly delicate.

3) Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream Face Cream

laneige water bank moisture cream

Another cream with advanced technology and pure composition like water. Using its technology of nutrients, Laneige has formulated a cream able to penetrate all layers of the epidermis deeply for instant hydration. The other advantage is that it can be used either as a day cream or night cream.

2) Cosrx Advanced Snail 92 All-in-One 

snail cosrx cream

If you want to prevent and treat ageing signs, you should rely on a very moisturising face cream that also has a repairing action. Our favourite ingredient is snail slime that, once filtered, has incredible anti-ageing potential.

1) Cosrx PHA Cream Special Set

Cosrx special set

This moisturising kit works even better than a moisturising face cream. A must amongst beauty products. The set consists of a mist and a moisturiser both work together to adjust the skin’s pH on one side and to flesh out and smooth the epidermis on the other.

What do you think is the best facial moisturiser? Leave a comment. Thanks!

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