8 Things We Think And Do As Women | EmmyWritesAbout

We might moan alot as women but I would 100% rather be a woman than a man. Being a woman is so much more fun from clothing, makeup, hobbies, gossip haha. Sometimes I site there and think only a woman would think that or funny things we think of. I thought I would put together some of the things I often think as a woman and hope many more of you do!

Music/Dance Routines – Now I have no shame in admitting this and I bet alot of you will do this too. You are in your room alone listening to music a song comes on, maybe spice girls or something retro. It brings back memories then the next thing you know you are in your room doing some crazy dance routine thinking you are beyonce then you soon realise you aren’t beyonce and sit your ass back down. 

Makeup – Guys look at women and think oh she is fit or not their type, us looking at another women oh my fricking life what highlighter is she wearing?! But you can’t randomly go up and ask as you feel a right creep but then there you are staring at them looking at their highlight haha. 

Photos – We take photos of EVERYTHING, Oo look food, makeup, animals, where we are. EVERYTHING. Guys barely ever take photos and often moan at us women for taking photos. It is all about that Instagram life. Although I do like to keep alot of them for memories.

Razors – I hate shaving with a passion but when I do a mans razor is always 100 times better. I am always robbing my partners and he always moans haha. I don’t know what it is but they make your skin feel so much smoother and the hairs don’t grow back as quick.

Food –  You are having a bad day about your weight, you hate how you look but you sit there eating anything in site. Chocolate, biscuits, chinese and so on. Then sit there feeling horrid for eating it convincing yourself you want to change but again you carry on eating then think oh I will start eating better tomorrow… Tomorrow never comes does it. 

Bath – Men often get in a bath and spend less than 10 minutes but when most women get in especially me I can spend forever in there. I always get from my partner “How can you lie in your own dirt for that long” erm no I am lying there thinking of everything I haven’t done in life, where I should be at in life, what body size I should be, what I am going to eat tomorrow, planning my life out and then thinking about if  should wash my hair or not. 

That is how my bath goes. 

Money – When you think you are good with money and doing well then you look in your bank and have £10 left and think you will be good and manage until payday then you see some random stuff on Ebay and go nuts then have no regrets because you ordered 20 things from china.

Periods – One thing/feeling men will never know. The process over that time – Grumpy cow mode, pain, I want chocolate and sweets, pain, who can I kill, pain, who can I punch, more food, cuddles, tears, more food and then back to being normal. What a lovely process eh.