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My hair care routine is pretty basic, I wash my hair dry it and apply a couple of products and that is it. My hair is extremely thick and if it isn’t straightened i look like a lion in the wild, its not a pretty sight! So when i was recently contacted by a PR Company to try the Black & White Hair Pomade i was very interested as i do need to update my routine.

The B&W Hair Pomade advertises easy use to mould, sculpt and create texture to your hair. I have to admit i have never used a product like this before so i was a little unsure as to what i should expect. I received a 50ml product which i can see Lasting a very long time. When i swatched the product it felt thicker than a serum but still easy to work with. I have tried this a few different ways to see which works best for me. 

Firstly i straightened my hair as normal and then used this product on the ends of my layers going down the sides of my face to create texture and sculpt my hair a little more than just being extra straight. I loved the outcome and found this product kept my hair in place all day! Once i warmed it up and rubbed it into my hair it no longer felt sticky.

Secondly with having thick hair it is very hard to get my hair to stay in place especially when i pin it up. I decided before putting my hair in a bun i would run some of this down into my hair and then attempt my bun. I did find it kept all my stray hairs in place without making my hair look greasy.

I am really impressed with this product and how you only needed a tiny pea size amount. I could see this being perfect for shorter hair to add texture and keep in place. The only negative i have on this product is the packaging design. I found the design to be a little plain and boring, if i was in a store this packaging would not stand out to me at all. 

Have you tried a hair pomade before?

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