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My skin switches between oily to combination. It is a nightmare when your skin decides to switch as it is hard finding products that work. I now have some skincare products that I keep for when my skin is oily or more on the combination side. I think it is important to find specific skincare products to work for your different skincare needs. I have a mixture of products that I find work best if I am breaking out, have dry patches, for my pores, for when I am more oily. I have now got a routine that works well.

Moisturisers & Serums

Garnier Moisture Bomb Moisturiser  | £7.99 | Link

I like to use this moisturiser when I have dry patches on my skin. It smells like a sun cream and it really hydrates my skin and has a soothing feeling. If you suffer with dry or combination skin you need to try this. It also has SPF 10.

Yes To Tomatoes Daily Balancing Moisturiser | £11.99 (often on offer at Boots for £6) | Link

This moisturiser has become my go to. I am on my fourth bottle! It has a slightly thicker consistency but it melts into my skin easily. It helps combat any dryness but also combats my oily skin. If you have combination skin I cannot recommend this enough.

Hylamide Pore Control Serum | £23.00 | Link

I am on my second bottle of this serum and it has become a saviour. This is perfect for anyone who suffers with oily skin or breakout prone skin. I don’t use this everyday, I tend to just use it if my skin is oilier than normal or if I am breaking out more. When I use this it instantly reduces excess oil and it makes breakouts go away quicker.

Face Masks

Soap and Glory What A Peeling De-Clog Mask | £4.00 | Link

I love a good peel off mask. This one has become my favourite. It is bright bubble gum pink! I apply a thick layer all over my face then leave it until it has fully dried. Once dry you can see where it has sunk into your pores and really worked. I peel it off and my skin instantly feels cleaner and my pores look healthier. You can see my full review with me wearing the mask here.

Glamglow Supermud Face Mask | Link

I have used some my sample size and will be purchasing the full size. This dries down like a mud/clay mask. I have never known a mask sink into my pores like this does. If you suffer with large pores you need this mask in your life.

£16 for 15g – Link

£42 for 50g – Link

Garnier Skin Active Honey Mask | £1.50 | Link

I recommend these all the time. I have four in my drawer and every time I use one I buy another so I have plenty. I use these if my skin is looking dull or a bit dry. When your skin needs a bit of life this mask is perfect. It is especially good for anyone who has sensitive skin.

Problem Solvers

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Eye Balm | £15.00 | Link

If you suffer with dark circles or puffy under eyes this eye balm is a miracle worker. It is a lightweight gel that soothes under your eyes. I love how cooling it is and how it really makes my under eyes look more alive. 

Nip+Fab Teen Skin Pore Blaster 2 in 1 | £8.99 | Link

This is a new range Nip+Fab released not long ago. I picked up a couple of bits from the range and I am especially loving this 2 in 1 product. It can be used as a facial scrub to reduce excess oil, clean pores and help with breakouts. It can also be used as a face mask. You apply it all over your skin and leave it until it is dry. I love using it both ways, I usually use it as a mask once a week. 

Lush Tea Tree Toner Water | £8.95 | Link

I have seen a few people rave about this so I finally picked it up. If you don’t like the smell of tea tree then you won’t like it. When you first spray the tea tree is quite strong but it settles down to a subtle scent within seconds. I love spray this all over my face if I am breaking out. I don’t use it all of the time but when my skin is playing up this is my go to product. It can be used as a spray all over your face or you can spritz it onto cotton pads to remove makeup.

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