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You can never have too much jewellery, Right?! I actually lost my charm bracelet last year, so i was super excited when i received these charm bracelets. Valentina is a company i have fallen in love with. They are a fairly new company launching in 2015 but what is different about them? They want jewellery to not only look good on but for it to make a real difference. They have a big selection of charm bracelets, all which have their own name and their own theme. Each bracelet is related to a specific charity. If you buy one of the bracelets 10% of the cost will go to the charity related to that specific bracelet. 

To also help these charities Valentina use bio-degradable packaging to show their support for the environment. I have never heard of a company like this before but i feel it is such a good idea for us to wear jewellery we love but to also support those in need. I picked the Zebra Charm Bracelet as i am obsessed with Zebra’s. The Zebra bracelet helps support The World Wide Fund For Nature which helps to protect endangered wildlife and environments. How cute is this bracelet with the little Zebra’s?! 

Secondly i chose the Icecap Charm Bracelet which has these gorgeous gold and brown glass beads. This bracelet is connected with The Royal Society For The Protection of Birds. 

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how gorgeous the detail work on these beads! I also received some extra gifts which are just stunning. I got a necklace chain and a silver bangle bracelet with extra beads. The blue glass beads on the necklace are by far my favourite! You have a choice of bangles, chains or cuffs. 

I am so in love with every piece i received, the detail work is incredible. You can receive 30% OFF ALL ITEMS with my code U0F80FJMZ7C8 until 1st March

These bracelets are definitely on the affordable side ranging from £33.99-£60.99 but with my 30% OFF you get a great saving of £10.19-£18.29!