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I recently mixed up my Z Palette and decided to take out some shades and replace with other shades. I am so happy with my palette as I can create so many looks. My palette includes Makeup Geek, ColourPop and Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye Shadows. I thought I would do an updated post and include swatches of every shade for you.
Top Row | Warm Neutrals

Makeup Geek Vanilla Bean – Matte pale cream shade. Perfect as a base.

Makeup Geek Shimma Shimma – Shimmer shade which I mainly use on my brow bone and as a inner corner highlight.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Party Dress – Shimmer light brown with flecks of gold. Such a pretty shade for all over the lid.

Makeup Geek Purely Naked – Matte light brown, I use this for every look as a transition shade or for a no makeup makeup day I use it all over the lid on it’s own. As you can see I have well and truly hit pan.

ColourPop Made To Last – This is more of a cool toned brown, in person it has a more cool, grey undertone. 

Makeup Geek Frappe – A warmer version of Purely Naked, I use this as a crease shade. 

Makeup Geek Cocoa Bear – A Deep brown with a red undertone. Perfect for darkening up the outer corner.

Second Row | Peachy 

Makeup Geek Beaches & Cream – Matte very similar to Vanilla Bean but it has a more peachy/yellow undertone. Again perfect as a base or transition shade.

Makeup Geek Mango Tango – A warm bright matte pinky shade, works well with peachy looks.

Makeup Geek Tuscan Sun – Matte and similar to Mango Tango. This is more of a terracotta pinky shade whereas Mango Tango is brighter.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Suede – A light gold in a Satin Finish. I wanted a gold that wasn’t too yellow and this one works well all over the lid or as a halo eye.

ColourPop Liar Liar – A pale pink shimmer. This looks super cute all over the lid.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Gem – A Peachy Champagne in a Satin Finish. I am obsessed with this all over my lid paired with Beaches & Cream and Frappe.

Makeup Geek Desert Sands – One of my favourite shades. It is a deep mustard shade and it is matte. I love applying it in my crease.

Third Row | Mixture

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glisten – A shimmery deep gold/beige. Very pretty all over the lid.

Makeup Geek Starry Eyed – A foiled shadow, intensely pigmented. It is a pinky champagne. I use all over my lid or sometimes as a cheekbone highlight.

Makeup Geek Cosmopolitan – A Peachy Shimmer. Works well with Mango Tango and Tuscan Sun.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Caramel – Matte warm brown. Looks gorgeous in the crease or all over the lid.

Makeup Geek Grandstand – Another foiled shadow. A deep copper, looks alot more intense in person.

ColourPop Stay Golden – Matte Pinky Red. This is such an intense shade that looks gorgeous on the outer v or all over the lid.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Fudge – Matte chocolate brown. I don’t like to use black eye shadow so this is perfect for the outer corners to deepen them.

Fourth Row | Greens

Makeup Geek Bitten – A deep purple with a red/berry undertone

Makeup Geek Homecoming – A shimmery bronze. Perfect for all over the lid.

Makeup Geek Dirty Martini – Another one of my favourites. This is matte khaki shade. I am obsessed with khaki lately.

Makeup Geek Jester – My last foiled shadow. This all over the lid paired with Dirty Martini is stunning.

Makeup Geek Ritzy – Duo Chrome, in some lights it shines bronze and in others it has a green tint.

Makeup Geek Envy – A matte very dark green. Perfect for the outer corner.

As you can see I like my warm shadows, cool tones really don’t suit me. I love experimenting with Greens and Peaches lately so of course I have a row for each. 

All three brands are very pigmented. The ColourPop ones do have more fallout but I don’t mind that. 


Makeup Geek Standard & Duo Chrome – £4.95

Makeup Geek Foiled – £7.95

ColourPop – $5

Anastasia Beverly Hills – $12

After reading Mammafulzo’s Makeup Geek Eye Shadows Post it has definitely made me need Bake Sale & Taupe Notch!

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