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I have definitely become obsessed with highlighters, I never used to own many now my collection has grown alot. I switch between a subtle highlight to that wow intense look. It just depends what mood I am in. This £4 Highlighting Palette is my favourite find of the year so far. I actually prefer it over alot of my high end highlighters. Whether you want a subtle or intense glow this palette is for you.

The palette consists of three shades which you can use on their own or you can mix the shades to create different looks. When I swatched these highlighters I was immediately impressed at how buttery they felt. I think with it being just £4 I thought they might be dry and have barely any pigment but I was wrong. 

The first shade is a icey champagne shade that looks gorgeous on pale skin tones.

The Second shade is more of your peachy gold highlight, when I swatched this shade on my arm it looked far too dark for me but when I applied it on my skin it works well. It will work for all skin tones.

The last shade isn’t as intense as the first two which I liked. It has more of a subtle glow but still looks stunning.

My face swatches have had no editing what so ever, each one is as it was taken on my Iphone. I wanted to show the true colour and pigment of each shade. As you can see the first two are more intense compared to the third shade. I also really love mixing the first and second shades together which create a paler peach shade. 

The incredible palette is from Primark! Yes Primark! I honestly cannot believe the quality of each shade, how buttery they are and how pigmented each shade is. None of the shades have glitter or chunks in them, they are just your smooth intense highlights. 

It is the Primark Strobing Highlighting Palette and it retails for just £4. It reminds me alot of the Smashbox Highlighting Palette which I also own. I love it that much I have already purchased a second one as a backup!

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