HD Brows Before and After

Eyebrows have become a big topic over the past few years. I remember when it used to tweeze them and leave them. Then I moved on to being brave and using a pencil, and now it should you wax, thread, tweeze, colour, draw, tint and many more. I recently got HD brows done and wanted to show the before and after pictures and what they do.

I heard about HD Brows for a long time but never really bothered. My friend came round, and hers looked amazing, and she said they were HD brows. She found self-employed and used to work in our local beauty salon. I messaged and got my mum and me booked in.

HD brows include a step by step process which includes waxing, shaving, threading, tinting and using specialist HD Brow products. The woman came round, and she measures your brows to the shape of your face and corrects them if needed. You can choose from a range of shades, and she advised because I have dark hair, she used dark brown mixed with black.

The process begins by shaping and waxing, then tinting, then threading. I never had my eyebrows threaded before and was a bit nervous, but it felt adorable and didn’t hurt at all. You have to go on a course with HD Brows Company to do HD Brows. She advised a lot of places are advertising cheap HD Brows, but in fact, they don’t use HD Brow products. Cheeky, I know! Before you get them done, you should research where they are and what products they use. I took a before shot to see how big of a difference there was, and I am thrilled with the result.

So here is my before & after shot…


It’s so lovely to wake up in the morning, and my eyebrows look amazing. I might add a little powder to the ends to add extra length, but that’s it. Because she came to my house, I paid £20.00 for everything, which is fantastic, but I would have paid more if I had gone to a store. They also last four weeks which isn’t too bad, and as I mentioned, you can always touch them up with powder if needed. 

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