Obsession Prime and Bake Baking Oil Review | EmmyWritesAbout

When walking through boots I often passed the Obsession stand but never really looked at anything but every time I would see the Obsession Baking Primer Oil but never pick it up. I finally purchased it around two months ago now and have really put it to the test seeing how it worked with my skin and how it works best. I had never heard of a baking primer before but I don’t use it for baking as I never bake my makeup. So how does it work for me?

The obsession Baking Primer comes in a glass bottle which you often don’t expect from a drugstore brand. It then comes with a dropper tool (I don’t know the technical term haha). I first tried it out before makeup as it is described to be used this way but I found it didn’t dry enough before I applied my makeup. I started using this every night before going to bed. I do my usual take my makeup off, cleanse, exfoliate, moisturise and then when my skin is dry I apply a couple of drops of this oil and massage into my skin. I apply it all over my face. I then leave it to sink in overnight. 

When you massage this oil into your skin it feels extremely luxurious. You need the smallest amount and it will cover your whole face and neck. My skin is extremely oily around my nose and chin and then normal or dry everywhere else. After leaving it to sink in overnight my skin feels incredible. Even after the first use my skin felt amazing. I sometimes find in the mornings it can feel a little dry but not when I use this oil. 

After using this oil every night for a week I noticed my skin improved in different ways. I suffer with breakouts on my chin but since using this I find they go alot sooner when I use the oil. Any dry areas are completely gone too. I was worried with it being an oil and applying it every night would make my skin oilier around my nose and chin but it hasn’t. My makeup applies so much smoother and looks flawless.  I do suffer with texture on my skin and this oil definitely helps my makeup look better in those areas. 

The oil doesn’t have a sticky texture but if you touch your skin it obviously feels slightly oily. It sinks in within an hour or so and your skin looks healthier. I think if you suffer with dry skin this would be good to apply before your makeup if you have around 45 minutes to let it soak in. Otherwise I would recommend to use this before you go to bed and let it sink in over night. I have found that the best method.

I have used other facial oils in the past and not been the biggest fan until now. The best part is it only retails for £8!! I have been using it for two months and pretty much every single night and I have just reached just below half. I think it is such good value for money and will work for so many different skin types. You can buy it from Boots or the Revolution Beauty Website (Previously known as Tam Beauty). 

I will go as far as saying this has to be my favourite product of the year so far!