Products I Thought I Would Hate BUT What Do I Really Think?

Do you ever find yourself keep looking at a product online or in store but put yourself off buying it thinking you will hate it? I do it often for different reasons but sometimes I end up biting the bullet and buying them. There is nothing worse than regretting buying a product but it is such a good feeling when a product works so much better than you thought it would. I was recently de cluttering my makeup collection and looked at these products thinking I put off buying them because I thought I would hate them but do I really hate them or love them?

Too Faced Primed & Peachy Mattifying Primer | £27.00 | Link

When this range launched I was so excited and then I read and watched so many mixed reviews which put me off buying it again. Plus the fact it is hard to get hold of in the UK. I picked it up back in December when I went to London and went in the Too Faced Carnaby Store (the only place in the UK that stocks this range). I have literally used this primer almost EVERYDAY since! No joke. I am now onto my second tube. I only apply this around my nose and pores. I get extremely oily on my nose but this primer works miracles! You can read my full review here to see the formula and more in detail. 

Stick Foundations | £5-£35 | My Comparison Post between Revolution, L’Oreal & Tarte Stick Foundations

Now I always HATED the thought of a stick foundation thinking they would always look dry but this year I have already tried three stick foundations. Tarte, L’Oreal and Revolution ones and actually love all three but for complete different reasons. I just love how they perform on my skin. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette | £43.00 | Link

One of the most controversial palettes ever? We all know the hype and not so good hype that surrounded this palette. Of course it was the mixed reviews that made me not want it even though I thought the shades looked so unique. When I got my job in August Ashley my partner said he would get me a makeup product of my choice so I decided on this. Boy I love it! I’m sorry but people complaining about fall out, it is like alot of palettes. Secondly the shades are extremely pigmented and incredible quality and just take a little more blending. It is a unique palette unlike any other, I am so glad to see a palette that isn’t all warm tones for a change. Full review with swatches here.

Milani Blusher “Luminoso” | £10.00 | Link

Everyone raves about Milani Blushers especially the shade Luminoso. I always put off buying it because it is supposed to be a shimmery blush which always put me off. I picked it up back in January and oh my I am so glad I did but disappointed I waited so long. The shade is stunning. It has more of a sheen than a shimmer, it looks so pretty on the skin. The shade is a lovely peachy shade. I would 100% recommend you try this blush.

Too Faced Sweetie Pie Bronzer | £25.00 | Link

When I went to the Too Faced shop I had no intention of buying this bronzer because every picture I saw it looked so shimmery and I HATE a shimmery bronzer. When I was in the store I was on my way to pay and saw it and it looked really pretty so I grabbed it panic buying haha. It has not disappointed. It does have slight shimmer but only for the first one-two uses then after that it just has a natural glow. It makes my skin look super healthy and glowy without the shimmer. The shade is PERFECT for us pale girls. 

Obsession Baking Primer Oil | £8.00 | Link

I purchased this 100% thinking I wouldn’t like it… great logic there. Facial oils are not something I have ever really liked or used much as I just didn’t like them and found they would make my skin oily. This one is a game changer. It is called a baking primer but it can be used as skincare. I use it as a night oil. It has become my favourite product of the year so far! Check out my full review here as to why I love it so much.

Collection Glam Crystal Liquid Shadow | £3.99 | Link

Liquid eye shadows haven’t been something on my list to try, I always thought they would be messy, not dry well and just look a mess. I purchased two of the collection ones to try before I purchased a Stila one as they aren’t cheap. I actually really like these! They are easy to use, not messy, dry quick and last all day. The shades are stunning too!

Are there any products you thought you would hate but you actually really enjoy using them?

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