The Ordinary Coverage Foundation Review

It is no secret I am a foundation addict. I have around 30-32 in my collection and I can’t help but buy more. I think your base makeup is what sets the tone for the rest of your makeup and everyone wants that perfect base. The Ordinary products have been on my wishlist for a while after seeing so many rave reviews. I finally decided to pick up The Ordinary Coverage Foundation from the Deciem Website.

The foundation retails for £5.90 for 30ml and it comes in 20 shades! One thing I loved when ordering as the shades are like MAC shades. They come in neutral, pink and yellow tones so it makes it easier to find your perfect match. The shade I picked up is 1.1N as they didn’t have 1.1P in stock at the time. 1.1P is more pink toned and 1.1N is more neutral toned. The packaging is simple and it comes with a pump! The only thing I don’t like is the matte packaging on the pump as it stains easy. 

Now the formula, I can’t make my mind up whether I really like this foundation or if I hate it. It is a weird one. The Coverage claims to be full coverage, it isn’t. I find this is medium coverage. I can’t build it up to full coverage, you can still slightly see my freckles on my cheeks through it. Now the formula, this is what I am unsure about. It is very runny which I don’t mind but I have tried to apply it with different brushes and different sponges. The brushes make it look streaky. The sponges blend it out to hardly anything on the skin. 

The only tool that applies this well is the Beau Belle Flat Foundation Brush. Now flat foundation brushes I hate, I never use them but for some reason this brush works really well with this foundation. It applies it flawlessly but it does take longer to apply. 

Once I finish my makeup and apply powder everything looks fine. Products blend well on top of it. It lasts ok during the day on my combination skin. I have extremely oily skin around my nose and on my chin. This foundation doesn’t keep me matte all day, it gets shiny in my oily area’s after around 5-6 hours. I definitely need to blot or touch up with powder at least 1-2 times a day. 

I like the foundation but I don’t think I would repurchase as I have so many other foundations that apply better and last longer. Again for £5.90 it is a good foundation but it just isn’t what I was expecting.

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