Disappointing Product: NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer Chantilly Review


I finally did it. I finally bought the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer after seeing all the hype. As many of you know i loved the Urban Decay Naked Concealer well before it got all hyped about so i wanted to try the Nars one to compare. I like a fuller coverage concealer as i really struggle with dark under eye circles. I have kept hearing how full coverage this is and how creamy it is. At £22 it is on the pricey side whereas the Urban Decay one is £17.50 not a huge difference but its still a saving. So has the Nars Concealer won over my heart?

The honest answer is no. Yes it is a good concealer but i have others that do just as good a job. Starting off with the shade range i picked up Chantilly which is the lightest shade they do. Im quite pale (MAC NW20 if that helps) and i usually like to highlight with my concealers, hence going for the lightest shade. Against my pale skin it did highlight the areas i wanted to which i loved. It is hard to find concealers which will work as a highlight on us pale skin girls. 

The coverage is also pretty good. It doesn’t fully cover my dark under eyes but nothing usually does. I have actually found a miracle product which makes my dark circles disappear! If you missed the post click here to catch up and to see before and after pictures. As i was saying the coverage is medium for me. So i bet you are wondering why am i not in love with this concealer if i said the shade was good and the coverage was decent? 

Well it was the texture. Everyone has said how creamy this concealer is and for me it just isn’t. I found to highlight in a triangle shape under my eyes i had to keep putting the wand back into the concealer at least 3-4 times! It just didn’t glide effortlessly over my skin like i expected. I guess if you are wanting to use this literally just for your dark circles it would be ok but for me i would run out of this far too quickly! Even to just cover my dark under eyes i would have to re apply a few times. For me Seventeen’s Stay Time Concealer has the same amount of coverage, lasts just as well but is alot more creamy and it only costs £4.49 from Boots.

To save yourself £17.50 head to boots and pick up the Seventeen concealer. As i said i don’t hate the Nars concealer i just have others that work much better for a fraction of the price. 

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