How To Rock Metallic Eyeshadow

How To Rock Metallic Eyeshadow Like A Star

Do you want to look edgy for that cool party? Metallic eyeshadow is just perfect for that. 

If you want to wear rock chic smokey makeup or wear makeup like a rock star, read this post thoroughly. 

metallic eyeshadow tutorial

Here are some ways to wear makeup like a rock star:

Things you’ll need:

1. Thick black eyeliner!

Make your eye line as think as you can! Wear thick, jet black, smudgy eyeliner. It is a perfect beginning to look like a rock star! You can get the “Panda” eye makeup look by using “smudge pot”. You can apply it around your eyes by smudging it on with your fingers or by using a Q-tip or some kind of brush. Smear your eye makeup on. The more you smudge, the better it looks.

2. Foundation – apply it to make your skin look pale!

Keep your skin as pale as possible! You must limit your foundation to pale colors. Rock starts usually keep their skin as pale as possible. Bronzer is not necessary if you want to be devoid of lively color.

3. Metallic Eyeshadow & some glitter!

Apply the metallic eyeshadow to emphasise your eyes and then apply some glitter to your skin. You can apply silver, gold, or any color in the rainbow. In order to look like “rocker”, you need the sparkle and shine of glitter.

4. Make your makeup slightly “messy”!

To look like a rock star, make it look like your makeup was applied yesterday and you just woke up with it. It should not look too neat, which is against the whole rocker concept.

makeup glitter tutorial

Extra Tips:

  • Feel free to be crazy. It is ok to make your eyeliner as thick as you want. Plus, make it messy you want. There are not that many rules for the rock star makeup style. But remember, don’t make it look normal! Make it look like a rock star with thick eyeliner and messy makeup!
  • For the cheeks, keep it simple. Add a peach colored blush to the backs of the cheeks. You can use it to help warm the look up.
  • For the lips, there are not that many rules. Many rock stars keep their lips pale. They use only chapstick or a lighter color. But some rock stars like Debbie Harry of Blondie and Courtney Love of Hole make their lips a bright, crimson color.
  • For the lips, you can use 3 different lip liners. You can start lining and turn the liner on the side and pull the color downward slightly. You can also dab some clear lip gloss in the center of the lips and blend all the colors together.
  • You can apply the white eyeliner pencil. Begin with putting the color onto the very center of the lips. And then blend the color out with your finger.
metallic eyeshadow like a rock star

How to wear rock chic smokey makeup:

1. Line your eyes

Line your eyes with a black coal pencil liner.

2. Mess-up the liner

Smudge the eyeliner with a brush for perfectly undone effect.

3. Apply a dark shadow

Apply a darker grey shadow to your lid and blend it.

4. Finish with a lighter shadow

Apply a mid-tone grey shadow to crease of your eye.

5. Apply mascara

How to wear metallic eyeshadow and makeup like a rock star:

metallic eyeshadow
  1. Begin applying eye and lip primer all over the eye area and lips.
  2. Apply metallic eyeshadow to the upper and lower lash line. Keep applying a bit one time.
  3. Drag the gunmetal shadow with the flat blending brush from the inner corner of the eye. 
  4. Apply the black matte shadow from the same palette into the crease and lash lines with a small smudge brush. To make it look “messy”, keep dipping the brush into the black and applying in light strokes, from the crease toward the temple. 
  5. Fill in your eyebrows with matte black eyeshadow. If you want an ultra dramatic look, add silver or white loose glitter.
  6. Keep it simple on the rest of your face. Apply a rosy-red shade that is the closest to your natural lip tone.

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