11 Best Body Glitter For Raves

Are you looking for Best Body Glitter for Raves this season? Keep reading this article.

Since prehistoric times, this has been a human desire to look divine get an appearance of showering in the moonlight. In ancient times, people used crushed heavy metals to get the glittery shimmer on the body of their queen to make her look like some goddess. The glitter was made at first by grinding Mica and Malachite and insects and glass. They knew less about the ingredients, the side effects, and the better substitutes! But the desires were fulfilled by all means.

Still, it is a human instinct to become eye candy by highlighting the body with the glitter components. Several face and body glitters will serve you the best to achieve your dream looks. Either mermaid or unicorn, we covered it all. Several products have a range of shimmers, from a subtle golden glow to the dramatic avatar.

In the modern age, glitter is manufactured from plastic and is rarely degradable. The plastic glitter can take a thousand years to degrade naturally. Scientists are calling to stop plastic production, including plastic glitter, to save the environment. In the beauty industry, many cosmetic brands have already taken the initiative to avoid plastic and make biodegradable glitter and packaging.

The perfect way to embrace the ongoing obsession with all things glitter!!

The body glitters are made to embellish the body for special occasions, from festivals to dinner parties, and it serves all the purposes and desires. It can get you a seamless golden moonlight shimmer to the skin that gives you luxurious and classy body highlights, or it can be a chunky formulation, glitter dust or gel-like, loose powder or self-adhering, monotonous or holographic, specific or generalized to the skin tones, but the purpose is to give you a look that is stunning and glowing and to make you feel special.

Keeping all the essential points in account, here are some of the best body glitter for raves that you can easily find in the market and online, which will be up to your satisfaction. Let’s go!

11 Best Body Glitter For Raves (Comparison Table)

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11 Best Body Glitter For Raves (Detailed Guide)


This product was initially made for celebrities and pop stars for their concerts and music videos, to give them a look as per their demand, but luckily now it’s readily available to all of us. The formula is professionally corrected by working with the stage artists on festive performances and at the backstage of music videos shooting, and now bringing sparkle to the whole wide world. The chunky glitter gives you a dramatic shimmer and stunning outlook, perfect for any festival and occasion.

The chunky, holographic, highly intense metallic pigments make your mermaid dreams come true. This cosmetic product is 100% vegan and is tested on celebrities, not animals. These cosmetic grade glitters are safe to wear, non-toxic, and FDA approved. You do not need to worry about using it on kids’ skin. It is an allergen-free formula, so it is perfect for sensitive skin.

It is perfect for a gift and to your glitter addiction, and indeed it will get you a lot of compliments. Share this large pot with your friends on festive occasions to get a superstar glow. On the body, dust some Karizma Unicorn Chunky Glitter on your collar bones and prominent parts of your body to get the instant super shimmery effect.


  • Affordable and Dramatic Holographic glitter effect
  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan free
  • FDA approved
  • Allergen proof
  • Non-toxic


  • Cannot be used on a regular basis
  • Contains mica and zinc oxide


In the fun packaging, here comes a reef safe body and face glitter that is 100% biodegradable, eco-friendly, applies even to your skin and gives you a dramatic glow that makes you eye candy instantly. The nourishing formula is loaded with antioxidants provides extra protection with broad-spectrum sunscreen protection with SPF 50 against UVA and UVB for 80 minutes under the water. Yes, the formula is waterproof, perfect to wear at beach parties.

It is Paraben-free, PABA free, FDA approved, does not contain any allergens irritants; hence it works optimally on sensitive skin. It is free from harmful heavy metals used in glitters to achieve shimmer and light-reflective properties, such as mica and zinc oxide (shared among all). It has a lovely fragrance that lasts for a long.

This USA product comes in 4 different tints and fragrances; cotton candy is the most popular. This super fun bio-degradable glitter sunscreen is nourishing and loaded with antioxidants provides a broad spectrum.


  • Biodegradable product
  • Eco-friendly
  • Non-irritant
  • PABA free, Paraben-free
  • Sunscreen protection with SPF 50
  • Available in 4 delicious fragrances
  • Loaded with glitter
  • Zinc oxide-free
  • Contains antioxidants


  • Not Fragrance-free
  • Not cruelty-free
  • Does not contain skin moisturizers


To get the subtlest body shimmer, LA MER glowing body oil is the product of choice. This limited edition, magic in a bottle, gives you a seamless yet eye-catching body shimmer that matches your skin and gives the illusion of natural skin glow. It blends beautifully with the skin does not feel like a layer above a layer.

Lamer glowing oil is rich in nutrients like vitamin E and other luxurious oils that hydrate the skin, makes it soft and condition it to create a natural sun-kissed glow. Just a touch of this body oil can give you subtle shimmer and youthful luminosity.


  • Subtle shimmer
  • Allergen free
  • Paraben free
  • Vitamin E enriched
  • Moisturizes the skin
  • Easy to apply


  • Expensive
  • Not Gluten-free
  • Not paraben free
  • Does not give a dramatic look
  • Quantity is not sufficient
  • Limited color edition


On Number 4 for our list of best body glitter for raves, we have SOLEIL BLAC SHIMMERING BODY OIL by TOM FORD. One of the most famous names in body glitter is the Tom Ford Shimmering Body Oil, magic in a golden bottle. It captures the glamourous effect of sun-kissed summer skin and tempts the senses with the fragrance of scorching sensuality. This silky and lightweight oil illuminates the skin with gold and platinum leaf shimmers. The captivating scent wraps a bouquet of white florals in a garden, amber sandalwood embrace as tempting as a white-sand beach, irresistible as a perfect tan.


  • Natural golden glow
  • Silky smooth touch
  • Lightweight
  • Paraben-free
  • Allergen-free
  • Rich in nutrients


  • Costly
  • Colors are a light tint
  • Limited color range
  • Glitter load is not very dense


Here we have one of my favourite body shimmers, Victoria Secrets Velvet Petals Shimmer, that makes you shine this summer all season long. It drops a bomb of glimmer and fragrance on you, makes you shine head to toe and is loaded with a heavenly aroma. This product earns you a smell so good that you will fall for it instantly. It gives your body a natural sun-kissed glow, makes you shine and goes perfectly with all skin tones. It is available in four best-selling scents. At the same time, the inside product is just the same that is perfect for fair to strong skin tones.

Velvet Petals Shimmer: Floral. Lush blooms. Almond glaze. Made you shimmer.


  • Easy to apply
  • Sun-kissed glow
  • Perfect for all skin types
  • Can be applied to face and body
  • Captivating scent
  • Conditions the skin with natural oils


  • Loads of fragrance
  • Not Allergens free
  • Not Paraben-Free
  • Glitter is not intense


Treat your skin royally with a layer of this Radiance Body Lotion by Burt’s Bees. This body moisturizer is formulated with royal jelly to help enhance body hydration and hence the skin’s natural radiance. Fed to the queen bee, nourishing royal jelly contains eight essential amino acids, vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, D and E, along with niacin and folic acid. The rich nutrition profile of royal jelly is why the queen bee lives 40 times longer and is 50% bigger than worker bees! Apply body lotion evenly to arms, legs, shoulders, and neck for a natural, radiant glow.

This 98.2% natural lotion is also formulated with moisturizing sunflower oil and mica, a light-reflecting mineral, to give you soft, shimmering skin. Use this body lotion as needed for a radiant glow. Pamper your skin naturally with Burt’s Bees.


  • Soft golden shimmer
  • Applies evenly
  • Long-lasting glow
  • Rich in essential oils
  • Contains 8 amino acids
  • Contains royal jelly


  • Not cruelty-free
  • Not paraben free
  • Not Allergen free
  • Limited color range
  • Contains mica for shimmer


Celebrity approved, Iconic London Body Illuminator is a wearable all-over body shimmer that creates sculpted illusion and blurs imperfections by highlighting the prominent areas of your body and face, like cheekbones and collar bones, making you an eye candy all-over the places, from the beach to cocktails. This terracotta tones shimmer bestows a rich bronze glow. It applies evenly to the skin and gives you a subtle and beautiful high gloss look. It takes the highlight to epic new proportions. Its concentrated drops glide smoothly on your skin and provide an ultra-blendable glow. The oil-based illuminator is lightweight, non-greasy, non-sticky and does not make a visible layer over the skin. It contains aqua mica—glycerin, glass beads, xanthan gum, pectin, perfume, starches, etc.


  • Best-selling illuminator, celebrity-approved
  • Contains glycerin for extra hydration
  • Highly concentrated shimmer
  • Easy to apply
  • Totally worth the price
  • Gives the skin a healthy and youthful glow


  • Contains mica
  • Glass beads
  • Perfume
  • Not Cruelty-free
  • Not allergen free
  • Not vegan-friendly


The limited-edition, oversized glittering puff by Rihanna – Fenty Beauty Fairy Bomb Glittering Pom Pom is pre-packed with a 3D superfine rose gold shimmer that is designed for direct application born to get loose by dabbing on the skin. It leaves skin feeling dewy and has light-diffusing micro-pearls with a sheer tint of colour, designed for all skin tones. The lightweight, microscopic stardust highlights the prominent points of your body like bony prominences and gives your body a toned and contoured look. It does not contain Parabens, Sulfates, and Phthalates.

Ingredients include mica, perfume, aluminium, iron, titanium, and carmine salts. It makes an invisible layer over skin, not favourable for dramatic effects. It is suitable for all skin types. It needs multiple touch-ups because there is no fixative, does not stick to the skin for long, wears off quickly. The formula is not waterproof does not contain sunblock effects. It does not have any nutrient or skincare ingredient for skin nourishment. The product profile and component list make you think, does it worth the hype!


  • Sulfate-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Phthalates free
  • An invisible layer of stardust
  • Blends with skin
  • Suitable for all skin tones


  • Does not lasts long
  • Not water proof
  • No sunscreen effect
  • Gives the false effect of hydration of the skin


Sparkle on with the miracle gel formulation by Unicorn Snot Glitter Gel, which provides you with a lightweight, non-sticky, non-greasy, moisturizing formula that applies evenly over your skin and does not fall off easily. It gives you broad-spectrum Ultraviolet radiation (UVA/UVB) and sun protection with SPF 30. The sunscreen is waterproof lasts for 80 minutes in water, being water-resistant. Its dual-action saves you from the additional sunblock application and does you a favour by protecting you from harmful radiations coming from the sun.

Let your inner unicorn fly with one of a kind gel glitter formulation that is jammed packed with nutrients and beeswax. The product is 100% vegan-friendly. It is available in multiple monochromatic and holographic shades to fulfil your utmost desires. This product honours the animals, magical or otherwise, so it’s cruelty-free. The formula is safe for your skin and contains several good ingredients.


  • Sun and UV ray’s protection
  • Water poof sunscreen
  • Highly intense pigment
  • Contains multiple nutrients and beeswax
  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan
  • Nonsticky, non-greasy


  • Not paraben free
  • Not Allergen free
  • Not PABA free
  • Contains mica and zinc oxide
  • Not eco-friendly


At number 10 on our list of best body glitter for raves, we have a unique salt shaker like a cosmetic dispenser for cosmetic effects. Just open up the lid and shake the shimmering glitter to achieve the magical glitter results from head to toe. You can mix the cosmetic grade glitter with your makeup or even sprinkle it on dying nail paint to add a fresh sparkle. It is safe to use around the eyes and mouth. Lesser glitters are craft grade or for use on nails.

It is easy to use. You can sprinkle and get the glitter wherever you want. It is a versatile product that can be used anywhere on the body, either hair, nails, skin or acrylics. You will get an incredible sparkle with a brilliant cosmetics effect, can also be used for craft applications and works perfectly-staying colourfast. It is ideal for bringing you a bright Halloween, fancy dress or night out look. The formula dries out quickly and is dry to touch. Easy to use.

It needs a fixator gel to keep the glitter stuck to the skin. This product is suitable for giving a proper outline to your glitter design. Fans also appreciate the extra effort because it elevates the glitter design and makes them pop with minimal effort. It does take a little time to dry, but once it’s set, it stays for an extended period, not easy to fall off. There is a warning, do not rub your skin over the glitter application!!!


  • Brilliant, vibrant colors
  • Available in 12 shades
  • Highly intense pigment
  • Easy application
  • Present in holographic shades
  • Cheap
  • Easily Available


  • Needs fixative additionally
  • Not biodegradable
  • Not cruelty-free


Last but not least, we have The rainbow-hued glitter stick by MILK makeup which provides you with a sheer, holographic shimmer with the easy swipe of the stick. It works perfectly on all skin types. It gives a moisturized application of glitter over skin for youthful, healthy-looking, hydrated skin and light-reflecting properties. It is the popular product and best seller of fan-favourite milk makeup that is easy in the application gives your body the luxurious treatment and attention it deserves. It contains high water content that hydrates the skin and gives it a sheer glow. You will never go wrong with this product.


  • Easy to apply
  • Holographic micro glitter particles
  • Provides sheer glow
  • Hydrates the skin
  • Perfect for dry skin
  • Works for all skin tones


  • Not phthalate-free
  • Not silicon-free
  • Contains mica
  • Not cruelty-free
  • Not gluten-free
  • Requires multiple touch-ups

Watch out for what you are applying to your skin!

  • There are a number of unnamed loose glitter powder making companies that are using grounded, fine powdered glass to get the reflective properties in the body shimmer. Because it is a cheap and easily available ingredient, instead of other shimmering agents. But it can damage your skin in varying severity, especially if you apply it on your face and rub.
  • Give yourself a minute to read the ingredients. Do not fall for a product that contains heavy metals, for example, mica and zinc oxide, which are commonly used in skin glitters. That may not affect your skin in one or two applications, but it has long term side effects, ranging from mild itching and redness to skin cancer. It depends on the time of contact with the product. If you are having sensitive skin, then you need to be extra careful.
  • Always appreciate cruelty-free products. The cosmetic products that do not use animal experimentation to validate the safety of the product are always preferable. Hundreds of animals die from the beginning to the completion of a single product. By preferring these products, the buyers will set the pace for the beauty industry to make more and more products that would be cruelty-free.
  • Biodegradable glitter is the futuristic approach to the body glitters. Every contribution means a lot, even if it seems a little if it comes to save the environment.
  • The body glitter with SPF50, broad-spectrum sunscreen protection serves as a multipurpose product. You can shine bright in the sun without the fear of sun rays and UV radiation damage. Even more, preferred if the sunblock formula is waterproof. Many products provide you with sunscreen protection for up to 80 minutes in the water and sun.
  • There are glitters that not only glow your skin up but additionally, it deeply nourishes the skin with a number of multivitamins, amino acids, and minerals.
  • Glycerin and aqua (water) in the product gives you deep hydration, leaves you with glowing, healthy and shiny skin that glows from inside out.
  • Perfume (Fragrance) and Alcohol in the product accentuates wrinkles with the long term use. Always try to avoid it even if it’s present in minute quantity.
  • Choose PABA free and Paraben free formulation to prevent skin damage and early aging.