Pro Tips on How To Get High Arched Eyebrows

Thinking of how to get high arched eyebrows? If yes then you are at the right place as this article tells in detail the steps to follow to get arched eyebrows.

Perfect brows are a form of art and to achieve perfection, you need to be an artist. Because your eyes are the windows to your soul and your eyebrows frame it. On your face, the first thing to look at is your brows.

Great eyebrows do not happen by chance; they happen by commitment. If you shape them right, your whole face will get a flawless look. If not, then you have to bear the pain of re-growth of eyebrow hair from weeks to months, with a spell of disaster on your face. The struggle to fix the bad eyebrows always overweighs the struggle to get the perfect one, and your contentment will be a bonus.

If you have underestimated the power of good brows, get one to make yourself believe what you were missing for so long. This short course will guide you on how to get a perfect brow with minimal effort and great precision. But to get good hands-on skills, a lot of practice is recommended.

Throwing loads of money would not be able to get the best brows for most of the time; but you can always be a reliable source of satisfaction to your eyebrow needs, for sure. Here are the simple steps you can follow to get the perfect shape of brows and accentuate the beautiful features of your face to bring the best out of you.

7 Tips on How to Get High Arched Eyebrows

The one thing you can get into shape without exercising is, your eyebrows. Get the well-defined, high arched eyebrows in few minutes every time with a little practice and effort to get a good command on your skills. Follow these simple and well-explained steps to get the perfectly arched eyebrows like a pro.


Step back from the magnifying mirror or any sharp tool to prevent the overzealous plucking of your eyebrows. Looking to the zoomed-out view of your eyebrows on the magnifying mirror will cloud your judgment. This will compel you to go for a few extra plucks which can smoothly slide you in the dark pit of disaster.

Always use the regular mirror to get the bird’s eye view of the whole landscape, your face. Do not consider eyebrows as an individual part but as a component of the whole face. Individually, if the brows look perfect and it does not go along with the face! Thumbs down.


To get the perfectly arched eyebrows, you will require an angled tweezer, a freshly sharpened eyebrow pencil, spoolie eyebrow brush, brow gel and a small pair of scissors. With the right tools, you will get the right results. Blunt scissors can give your eyebrows a nick, bad enough to destroy the whole outlook.

The angled tweezer is essential to pluck the hair from the underside of the brows to uplift the shape of the brow and ending up making an arch. Gather the tools first, before you get started on the brow shaping.


Hate math? Before this moment you were not aware of how math can change your look. Ready to do some measurements? You can use the geometrical parameters to get to know the perfect shape of the brows according to the shape of your face by following these steps with the reference of the diagram given below.


  1. Arbitrarily, draw a vertical line from the angle of your nose. This straight vertical line shows the point where the brow should begin. Line 1.
  2. draw the second line from the angle of your nose towards the eyebrow. It will intersect eyebrow exactly where the arch should be. Line 2.
  3. The third line drawn from the angle of your nose to the outer edge of your eye will meet the eyebrow at the point where the brow is supposed to end. Line 3.
  • Line 4 is the vertical line where the arch meets the outer angle of the eye. Just to re-asses the location of the arch that where it should be.


  1. A straight horizontal line from the nose to the lower border of the eye. Line A
  2. The second horizontal line is drawn from the nose to the upper border of the eye. Line B

Measure the distance between these 2 lines.

The distance between lines A and B is the required distance between Line B and Line C.

  • Line C is the 3rd horizontal line at the distance from line B, equal to the distance between lines A and B.


The vertical lines are drawn to locate the natural position of the arch. Whereas, the horizontal lines are drawn to measure the height of the arch.


By using the spoolie brush for brows, comb your brow hair. Draw them out of the edges of the brows by brushing them upwards. The hair tips coming out of the edges are meant to be trimmed. Always brush the brows before and after shaping them to get the perfect idea about trimming them off.


With the help of a soft and freshly sharpened eyebrow pencil, draw the outline on the eyebrows and fill the area that is the desired shape of brows. The aim is to pluck the hair that lies outside the line to get the perfect shape.


The step that is usually skipped in the routine eyebrow shaping process, even in the parlors, is the use of brow gel. Always use the brow gel to glue them in place before you trim. So many times, the hair slips through the scissors during trimming, resulting in the ugly nick in your brows. If you use brow glue, this mistake can be prevented. The eyebrow gel will hold the hair in place to help you get the clean-cut of brows, effortlessly, without getting a panic attack.

The brow gel can be used after getting the perfect eyebrow look, to fix the brow in place. This will keep the arch sharp all day and it will leave you with no worries of messing the brows up anytime during the day. Moreover, it will make the eyebrow pencil or powder filling waterproof and preventing it from slipping away.


To get the trimming without slipping the strands of hair in between the blades, use the tiny pairs of scissors. It will help to trim the very ends of the eyebrow hair with perfection. Do not use the regular scissors or paper scissors to trim your brows, because with this there are major chances of landing your brows into the disaster.


The angled tweezers are ideal to add delicate details to the hair plucking experience. With the perfect alignment of the tips of the scissors, it is ideal to grip every single tiny hair, firmly, and pluck it out with ease. With the angle cut at the tip, the tiny hairs are easy to pick.


Once you are done with the arching and tweezing, you will end up getting the perfect shape of the eyebrow by the end of the 8th step. But getting the perfect looking brows from a perfectly shaped brow is another story. There will be gaps in the brows, the inconsistencies, which are needed to be filled.

Use eyebrow pencil with a shade that perfectly matches your eyebrow hair color. Fill in the gaps in your eyebrow hair with the eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder. Brush the brows with the eyebrow brush to get rid of the excess product. If you are not having a professional eyebrow brush, you can use a mascara wand to brush your eyebrows.

Spare the starting point of brows from pencil filling. It will give you the natural-looking thick brows. Be gentle with the filling. Do not be aggressive with a pencil or powder because, with a little excess, it will start to look fake.


If you have skipped the whole article and scrolled to the bottom straight away, this is the summary to keep you up with the rest.

  • Do not use a magnifying glass and focused eyebrow view, this will compel you to do overzealous trimming and tweezing which can easily destroy the look.
  • Use the right tools for the right brow treatment. The tools are really crucial in making or breaking the eyebrow styling.
  • To get the perfect arch, do the measurements by drawing the horizontal and vertical lines as explained above with the help of the diagram.
  • Brush your eyebrow hair from time to time between the styling process. It will help you determine which way to go with your brow styling and prevent any errors.
  • Draw a line around the margins of the desired eyebrow thickness. It will guide you to locate the unnecessary hair that needs to be removed.
  • Brush the hair upwards and then fix it with the brow gel. The hair tips that come out of the drawn outline are the excess which needs trimming.
  • Use a tiny pair of scissors to trim the extra-long tips of brow hair for precision and accuracy.
  • Always use angled tweezers for the perfect plucking of the hair. Try to skip the hair underneath the eyebrow to get a more natural look.
  • To fill in the gaps in your brow, to get a fuller, thicker brow, use eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder.

Wrapping It Up

We hope this article will help you to get a better knowledge of how to get the dreamy, arched eyebrows. Let us know what you think of it in the comments.

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